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Now Is the Best Time to Invest In Real Estate

Now is the Best Time to Invest In Real Estate

There is no doubt that the housing market is on its way up and the talks about another bubble forming in the horizon are somewhat misplaced. If you want to find a reason not to invest in this market, there are thousands of them from a low interest rate environment to better business bureau complaints and anything in between.

In inasmuch as the scars from the great recession are still visible and the fear and financial pain of the housing crisis still throbbing, the real estate market is better placed now for investment than it has been for a long time.

The Real Estate Environment is Healthy

Looking at all the indicators including median home prices and new home sales, the market looks vibrant and seems to have shaken off the recession dust.

According to expert research findings, foreclosures are at their lowest since the beginning of the century and this is a vote of confidence on this market.

Innovation is Lowering Entry Barriers

The real estate market still has its own share of speculation, but truth be told, it has opened up even to small time investors. You do not have to stick anymore to property that is within 10 miles radius around your home; rather you can venture and buy property in markets outside your neighborhood.

There are lots of tools that can help you do a quick research and settle for an investment in the real estate. The innovations have drastically reduced brokerage fees and allowed investors to have more on their plate.

Portfolio Diversification

Traditionally, people have been going after stocks and bonds as a passive investment for their extra income. In 2017, the real estate industry is opening up and providing opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolio.

With the demand for housing on the rise and the economy looking promising into the future, the only way for housing property is up. Instead of putting your savings in a few assets, consider a diversified portfolio that incorporates real estate properties.

Real Estate Helps in Portfolio Diversification

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Being a real estate investor is not something that will make you glamorous, but it is one of the surest ways to build your wealth over time. There are lots of reasons why real estate investment is more than just a savings account.

  • Passive Cash Flow – the extra money left after you have paid off your bills can provide you with a decent continuous stream of monthly income if invested in real estate. This income can help you keep afloat during the bad times and enable you live well in the good times.

  • Tax Benefits – a person earning say $100,000 from rental properties is at a much advantage because of the tax benefits offered by the government including lower tax rates.

  • Appreciation – property values climb higher and higher over time and this is why people who have known the secret continue investing one property after the other. If you have a long term perspective in real estate investment, your property values will reward you immensely.

  • Inflation Protection - In addition to the above, real estate investment is a hedge against inflation. When the general prices increase, your property value and rental income will also shoot through the roof. To make it even more attractive, your fixed rate mortgage payment will remain constant because it is inflation adjusted.

If you want to start your journey into real estate investment, contact Realty Guru LLC for professional guidance.

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