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Top Staging Strategies for your New Jersey Property

Top Home Staging Tips

The real estate market, just like other markets, has its ups and downs. When everything is going well, properties do not stay for a long time before getting a buyer. However, during the slow phase, houses can stay for a very long time in the market and ultimately sold way lower than their asking price.

Home staging is both an art and a science whose end goal is to competitively position your house for sale in the market. It works for both slow and vibrant real estate markets and it has been credited with helping homes to sell for over 7% more than they would. All this happens within a very short time.

In new jersey, builders, realtors, and investors are increasingly partnering with professional stagers to spruce up the homes in their portfolio for quick and profitable sales.

As a homeowner wanting to sell your property in the new jersey real estate market and wondering how best to go about it, below are some home staging strategies you may want to consider.

Exploring the available options

Home staging is a wide concept and can involve simple tasks such as rearranging the house contents or simply weeding around the house. Also, home staging may be upgraded to include redoing certain rooms in the house and bringing in furniture and pieces of art.

It’s upon you as the homeowner to decide what level of home staging you want to take your house to bearing in mind that what you spend on staging is just, but a fraction of the amount you would otherwise lose in the final selling price if the home is not staged.

You can make striking improvements to your home at any budget. Take for instance, a situation where you don’t have enough money for a complete home staging, you can decide to pay a professional for a walk-through and verbal commentary or an inspection and written report.

Influencing what the buyer sees first

Home buyers have been known to reject houses even on the basis of internet photos or the moment they pull up on your curb. In order to avoid such instances, a good approach is to work on the exterior of your home especially the flower beds and lawn so that the house can look attractive from the outside.

Instead of retaining some junky aluminum doors, you can replace them with painted wooden doors. Choose a good color such as red which draws the eye and gives a hint of excitement inside.

Wow them with your entryway

Wow with your entryway

When you are done with the exterior, the next area of focus is the entry foyer. This section tells the story of your home and it can greatly influence the buy decision of prospects. Even if your entryway is smaller, you can simply put up a pretty mirror so that people can see as they walk in. You can also incorporate foliage so as to add charm and texture. The combination of all this can promote your house for sale.

To add to the above strategies, ensure every room tells a story. This may mean renting some furniture for partially furnished or vacant rooms. The rule of thumb is to spend about 1% of the asking price on home staging. Also remember to depersonalize your home by taking down children’s artwork, family photos, and other cherished collections. This will enable buyers to envision the house as theirs and not yours.

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