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Why Selling Using a Realtor May Not Work - Part 1

Selling Using a Realtor May Not Work

Do you have trouble getting a buyer for your home? Most professionals would advise that you get a competent and experienced realtor to help you in the selling process. While this pathway seems sensible, there are times even the best realtor may not be able to sell your home at the price and timing that you want. Even with news of demand outstripping supply in some areas of the country, your property can still sit in the market with no one even bothering to contact you for a showing.

If you want to know why this happens, and possibly avoid some of the obstacles when it’s your turn to sell, read along for some of the reasons.

Your pricing is above the roof

The number one reason why homes don’t sell is because of their pricing. Some sellers tend to be very emotional about their property and as such attach a value that is way above the objective or true value. With today’s buyers being savvy, they can easily do a quick comparison and find out what similar properties are going for.

For the best chances even when selling through a relator, price your property slightly below its real value may be by 5 or 10% and wait for the offers to come in. You will be shocked because the buyer stampede may even overshoot the real value of your property.

The house is rundown

Rundown House

No one wants to buy a property that will take them back into the renovation and decoration cycle if they can get a ready to move in property within the same locality. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and try to imagine putting down your money for a house with a leaky roof, unkempt garden or landscape, and a messy kitchen.

While you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing renovations, hiring home staging experts at about 10% of the value of your home can turn your fortunes the right way.

The you factor is still lingering

When you are putting up your house for sale, the buyer should visualize living in it. One of the problems with some homeowners is that their properties are not depersonalized to the level that the buyer feels they can own and move in to the property immediately. Buyers rarely share the same tastes with sellers and this means what you consider to be attractive may not be for them.

Industry experts recommend that you move your stuff, of course part of it, out of the house and paint your rooms in neutral colors so as to capture the imagination of your potential buyer.

House planning not up to scratch

How you plan your house especially on the exterior can be a deal maker or breaker in the property market. Starting from your parking lot to your yard and the general landscape there needs to be good planning. This is important because someone coming in for a viewing will immediately notice not just the effort put, but the order around the house as well. You may hire a landscaping expert to come and have a look and advice you on how best to organize and plan your exteriors.

At realty guru llc, we have a professional team of industry experts who not only help you in selling your property, but advise you as well on what you need to do to get top dollar returns.

Are you having difficulties selling your property? Professional from realty guru llc, help is just a call or click away!

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