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Why Selling Using a Realtor May Not Work - Part 2

In part 1 of this article, we looked at four reasons why selling through a realtor may not work for you. The reasons we mentioned are: unreasonably high price for your property, poor condition of your house, the “you” factor which makes potential buyers not feel as if the house truly belongs to them, and a few house planning issues.

In the second part, we continue with the reasons and this time round diving deeper into some of the often overlooked aspects that may cost you so much when it comes to selling your house. Remember, when you get to the seller’s market, your objective is simple; to sell your house at the best possible price within the shortest possible time. Below are a few scenarios that you need to watch out for when selling your property.

You haven’t done extensive advertising and marketing

There is no single marketing aspect that is guaranteed to sell your home. This means you need to adopt an approach that combines several marketing efforts and techniques. Through marketing, you can be able to reach out to your potential buyers wherever they are; in offices, at the comfort of their homes, or even in their leisure spots.

You can have newspaper advertising, online listing, and other aggressive marketing techniques such as holding open houses on weekends or organizing with a digital company to shoot and upload a virtual tour of your house on social media and other channels.

The images are not enough or are badly shot

Homes in any listing that do not have enough photos, rarely attract a large viewership. The focus should not just be on the number of photos, but also on the quality of those images. You need a professional photographer who will help you shoot wide angles and showcase the best features of your home.

Ensure you include photos of the master bedroom, the fireplace if applicable, several photos of the kitchen, backyard, and gardens. When photographing the dining room, make sure the table is set. Living room photos should show sufficient space and this may mean moving some of the furniture to other rooms during the session. Every image should have a descriptive text.

The listing agent is not experienced or competent enough

Your choice of listing agent can be a deal maker or breaker for you. If the agent you have chosen doesn’t create enough time or is not experienced enough to push your property in the market, it can stay for months without anyone asking to view it.

Get in touch with your agent and ask them on the progress they have made so far. If no results are forthcoming, change the agent and get one who is familiar with the area and has the competence necessary to sell off your property.

Giving the wrong description

While being colorful and taking some liberties in describing your house listing is allowed, you should be careful not to go overboard and include flat-out lies. If your house is not a mint, don’t call it so.

All houses have their downside and it is understandable because we want them to sell. However, lying in your description can easily tick off potential buyers. This will make you lose trust and the entire effort of marketing your house will be a total waste of time.

Finally, take a good look at your house as if it wasn’t yours and if possible bring along a friend who will give you a neutral and honest opinion.

Do you have any other reasons why you think selling your house through a realtor may not work? Feel free to add your comments below.

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